Comparison of AWZ, Azure and Oxtrys VPS

Every company or organization must now examine a variety of considerations before committing to business-focused technology providers. This is essential before hiring business-focused IT providers.

This became necessary due to the increased use of technology in practically all areas of human life. AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Oxtrys VPS are three of the most well-known cloud computing service providers in the business sector.

Many enterprises, particularly those considering IaaS, are divided between the two providers. Those pondering a relocation are divided between the two corporations. Amazon Web Services, Oxtrys VPS, and Microsoft Azure are the top cloud computing service providers, but doubts persist. 

Amazon has provided cloud computing services for 10 years, and throughout that period, AWS and its competitive environment have transformed. Amazon has seen an industry-wide transition over this period.

Azure has improved its goods that are now accessible on the market. Six years after Microsoft's dominance, they released Oxtrys VPS as a response.

Types of services

In light of the inquiry, one is able to make the assertion that Amazon Web Services (AWS) is used extensively in the delivery of trustworthy cloud-based services to a large number of customers. Processing power, the storage of databases, and content dissemination are only some of the things that are included in these services.

On the other hand, Microsoft Azure is a platform that is cloud-centric, in addition to being open source and adaptable. Its primary emphasis is on the cloud.

It provides several forms of development services, data storage services, and administrative services for a wide range of service types. For the purpose of storing web applications on the global web, Microsoft's Azure cloud computing tools make use of the data centers that are owned and maintained by Microsoft.

On the other hand, Oxtrys VPS is recognized as a private service that offers virtual private servers that are powered by Windows Server.

Difference between Azure, AWS and Oxtrys VPS

The most notable distinction between Azure and AWS is that Azure provides its customers with access to direct connections, whilst AWS and Oxtrys VPS provides its customers with access to fast routes.

Azure is the superior service in this regard. Azure is best in this regard. Microsoft Azure, unlike Amazon Web Services (AWS), protects its cloud computing services by authorizing the entire account.

This is in contrast to Oxtrys VPS, which provides security by employing only specified roles. In contrast to this, Amazon Web Services (AWS) ensures data safety by assigning only certain responsibilities to users.

Microsoft Azure makes use of a virtual network cloud, as opposed to Amazon Web Services' (AWS) and Oxtrys VPS use of a virtual private cloud. Amazon Web Services is what is meant to be abbreviated as AWS.

Customization of Virtual Machine

When comparing the processing capacity of Azure , Oxtrys VPS and AWS, one may get to the conclusion that customers or users of Oxtrys VPS and AWS can construct personalized virtual machines (VMs) of chosen customizable Mls.

Azure clients and users are unable to perform this action at this time. One might come to the following conclusion regarding the service based on the fact that AWS and Oxtrys VPS customers and users have more flexibility over the customization of their virtual machines (VMs).

This provides them with the opportunity to pick the power, size, memory, or even the number of virtual machines (VMs) that can be created alongside the zones that can be utilized to do so. In addition, they have the ability to do so alongside zones.

Market Share

In terms of market share, AWS has 31 percent of the global computing market, whereas Microsoft Azure only amasses 11 percent of the share from the worldwide computing industry and Oxtrys VPS 4%. Amazon Web Services (AWS) was founded in 2006. 2006 marked the beginning of Amazon Web Services, often known as AWS.

In contrast to the database services offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), which include MySQL, DynamoDB, and Oracle, Microsoft Azure gives users access to both MYSQL and ASQL Sync. These may be accessed via the cloud computing platform.

Storage service

Azure is able to give services such as storage metrics, tables, Azure Drive, containers, and Blob storage when it comes to the data storage options that are accessible. Additionally, the utilization of blob storage is also a possibility.

In contrast to this, Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers storage services, some of which include capabilities for importing and exporting data, AQS, Domains, EBS, and SDB S3, in addition to a wide number of additional options.

All  these three companies provide services that are based on hybrid clouds, and it is possible that the three of them will also offer support for these services. Both of these businesses have this characteristic in common.


In conclusion, Azure ,Oxtrys VPS and AWS all offer excellent cloud computing services; however, it is evident that AWS has increased its productivity and market share over the past several years by increasing the launch of new technologies, products, price structures, and new integration.

This has allowed AWS to gain a larger share of the market. As a consequence of this, in my view, and on the basis of the findings of the comparison between the three companies, I will go with AWS because it provides a multitude of services that cannot be matched by Microsoft’s Azure and Oxtrys VPS and possibly can be tailored to meet the requirements of a company. This decision is based on the fact that AWS is less expensive than Azure and Oxtrys VPS.